What You Need to Know About Cheap Laptop Batteries

Replacement Laptop Battery

Cheap Laptop Batteries

When it comes to finding a cheap laptop battery for your notebook computer, there are many different things you need to research. There are many options when it comes to computer batteries, and each situation will be different based on the computer model, the year, and what exactly it is you’re looking for.

Do you want a replacement battery or are you simply looking for a good lightweight external notebook battery to use as an accessory?

There are many different points to take under consideration before breaking out the wallet to buy a new laptop battery.

Different battery options

cheap laptop batteries

When it comes to different battery options, there are two main types:

  • regular batteries designed to be place in a laptop and portable external laptop
  • batteries which are plugged in and offer an additional power source.

These are sometimes rotated as a way of keeping a laptop powered and fresh while preserving the battery built into the laptop computer. Other times they are a way to keep laptops charged when you’re going to be away. Many people will buy one or even two exterior laptop batteries because they can cycle them to make sure the original battery’s life lasts longer.

The other most common reason for buying a good laptop battery is because the original one that came with your notebook computer is starting to fade. This can come in more than one form. There’s the obvious need for a new battery when the old one stops working and stops charging at all. But an original laptop battery doesn’t need to get to this point before a replacement is a good idea. It might be time to find a quality cheap laptop battery if you simply notice that your laptop’s old battery simply isn’t charging the way it used to. This should be especially obvious when your computer isn’t plugged in and a battery that used to hold a charge for two or three hours or more suddenly is only holding up for 50% of that time or less.

Generic vs company brand

There’s a lot of discussion over whether you should only replace a laptop battery with one made by the same company, or if a generic battery can work as well. This is one that gets passionate responses on both sides, but the safe way of going is to get your replacement battery from the same company that produces the notebook computer that you’re using. This can help to guarantee that there are no issues when it comes to compatibility. Even when you’re looking at external portable batteries, it never hurts to spend just a little bit more to have all the company names match. The peace of mind this brings to you should be worth it in and of itself.

However there are plenty of high quality cheap laptop batteries out there which work for a wide variety of different notebook models. When it comes to finding a good deal for new battery always remember to do your research, find actual consumer reviews of the product, and your due diligence will be rewarded the best battery you can get for the money.

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  1. Magdalena says:

    The new battery that came with my 2 months old notebook is no longer working. I’m scared of getting another battery from the same company where I couldn’t get value from the new one that came with my computer. I’m looking at replacing with a battery from another company. Could this be risky?

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