Stanley J5C09 Car Jump Starter Review

Stanley J5C09 Car Jump Starter Review

STANLEY J5C09 Jump Starter

The Stanley J5C09 Jump Starter also features a built in compressor. Based on many happ customer reviews, you are sure to find this to be the perfect product for your needs. Nearly all owners find it works perfectly well for their needs and are very pleased with their purchase.

Stanley J5C09 Car Jump StarterRight out of the box, you can use it to use to inflate low tires. Although the compressor isn’t fast, it will do the job well. It can also easily be used to jump a dead battery. You can then plug it into the mains to bring it back to full power.

You will need an extension cord for recharging as it does not contain its own re-charger. You should not find this to be an issue. LED lights give you the charge status of the unit and it has a power outlet. It is light enough for any adult to carry.

It has 1000 peak amp, it easily jump starts something as beefy as a Dodge Ram, and will when it is 10 degrees outside. This product has zero issues, an could be a perfect gift for Christmas. You can use it on lawn mowers, quad bikes, jeeps, or even a tractor. The Stanley jump starter will be ready to do it’s job when one of your vehicles won’t start when you needs it to. You can use it to jump start your vehicle several times with only one charge. You’ll be amazed with its performance.

You will also love that it just takes any extension cord. Some reviewers have lower the rating because it doesn’t come with a cord. However, all those charging cords with the little black boxes tend to look the same.

It’s great for jumping cars whose only problem is a bad battery. It will not give your battery enough juice to get home if you have a bad alternator. Though it’s a great product it does have certain limitations. Air pump is not good for large jobs. Unit gets very hot very quick. In addition, the attachment valve is week at the point where the rubber meets the steel collar.


Except for the Air compressor this product has a proven record for it’s starting ability, easy to use, nice features (charge gauge, polarity warning light, LED light, tire pump). It also has a 9V outlet (like you have in the car) that you could use to charge your phone or run small appliances if you needed.

It would be really useful for camping, so you’re not running down your car battery and I would definitely recommend it for its price and features.

Not What You’re Looking For?

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Stanley J5C09 Car Jump Starter


Ease of use


Battery recharge time


Air pump



  • 1000 Peak Amp with Compressor
  • 500 Instant Starting Amps/ 1000 PEAK Battery Amps
  • Offers both 12-volt and USB outlets


  • No extension cord
  • Air compressor limited
  • Gets very hot very quick
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