Laptop Power Supply – How To Choose The Best

Laptop Power Supply - How To Choose The Best

Finding The Best Laptop Power Supply

Often when buying a laptop, the power supply (sometimes referred to as a laptop psu) is the last thing you may think of. However, like any accessory, laptop power supplies are easy to lose. Then what do you do? You have to have one right?

Different types and models

Even though these power supplies come in many different types and models, most generally, if you get the right voltage for your laptop, the replacement will work fine. Most people think they have to get the manufactures power supply or it could cause damage to their laptop. This is not necessarily true and no matter what brand of laptop you have, you should be able to find a replacement power supply online much cheaper than you could at a local store or directly through the dealer.

Where and how you purchase a replacement or extra laptop power supply can be different depending on which type of laptop you have. Many times, it is not as easy as just going to your local electronics or computer store. Most often, you will need to go directly to the retailer of your individual laptop maker. This can be extremely expensive.

It is possible to find replacement power supplies online for all the major brands of laptops. You may want to check your manufacturers warranty to make sure it does not have specific language concerning certain power supplies.

As an example, replacement Dell Laptop Power Supplys are redily available from Amazon

Where to purchase

It is always a good idea to know where to purchase a backup or extra AC adapter for your laptop or power supply laptop. There are many resources online to purchase your next laptop power adapter. Alternatively, these resources can save you a lot of money. So before you automatically order a replacement power supply directly from your laptop dealer or go to your local store, try searching online for the best deal. So the next time you need a power supply for your laptop, check out the web and well help you find the best deal out there!

Refurbished laptop power supplies?

Another thing to remember is that many times online sites are selling refurbished laptop power supplies or AC adapters along with refurbished laptops or other products. Even though they may be refurbished, the products themselves are many times still good. Many large corporations depreciate their laptops and older office equipment (desktop PCs, notebooks, power adapters, etc.) and end up selling them to outside entities. These outside companies can then resell these products as refurbished or use them for replacement parts; which, if needed, is a way to get just the laptop power cord. So just because the notebook adapter or power supply might be old, it may still be in good working condition. Make sure when purchasing from an online vendor or store you know what you're getting. And even though it may be a refurbished power supply, the online store may offer some type of limited warranty. So don't be afraid to purchase a refurbished product.

External laptop power supplies or external batteries

Theres also something else to keep in mind, external laptop power supplies or external batteries. Meaning, if you have an Dell laptop, should you get a power cord or a specific Dell laptop charger. You'll also find that universal laptop power supply is possible to find. One myth is that you have to have the exact power supply from the maker of your laptop. This is not the case anymore with many third-party vendors making laptop power supplies that are universal. Most come with a collection of tips that fit many different types of AC adapters. If you're looking for the universal option, consider a universal laptop charger that has the correct pin connections for your particular model.

Power Supply Geek
Power Supply Geek
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    Thanks for the guide. Within 3 months I replaced my laptop power supply twice. I’m sure I do get the substandard product. Can you recommend where I can get the best online? Or do I need to buy directly from my PC manufacturers? I will appreciate your professional. advice.

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