Car Jump Starters FAQs

Car Jump Starters FAQs

Here you'll find a selection of the most common Frequently Asked Questions

1How to properly jump start a car?
Connect the red clamp to the positive and the black clamp to the negative on the battery. (indicated by + and -) MAKE SURE that you don't allow the unconnected metal pieces to touch each other. Once all four clamps are connected, attempt to start the car that is dead. If it doesn't work immediately, you can wait for a while to let the battery charge. Leave the car you are using to jump the dead car running while you do this. (Hope you never get stuck having to do it)
2How do i jumpstart my car using a portable jumpstarter?
Hopefully the portable unit is fully charged. Connect the red clamp to the red (+) battery terminal, then connect the black one to the black (-) terminal. After it starts, remove the black one first.

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