Best Selling Power Supply in 2017 – Top 3 Compared

Best Selling Power Supply

Best Selling Power Supply

Electric components are designed to use different voltage and current. It’s difficult to power such components without a power supply. Besides that, you have to consider the safety of your components. This is because at times excess voltage and current can pass through a power supply and end up damaging your components.

Most power supplies nowadays come with circuit protection systems to ensure excess voltage and current does not reach the components. A standard power supply should come with a display for reading the values of output so that you can increase or decrease the variables as you wish. Here are some of the best-selling power supplies in the market.

Top 3 Power Supply Comparison Table

Rank Model Outputs Rating
1 Mastech DC Power Supply 3 n/a Check Price
2 GW Instek DC Power Supply 1 5.0/5.0 Check Price
3 Extech DC Power Supply 1 5.0/5.0 Check Price

Mastech DC Power Supply

Mastech DC power supply comes with three outputs for current and voltage. The first two outputs are actually adjustable and they give 30 volts and 5 amps. The second output is not adjustable and it has the capacity of delivering 5 volts and 3 amps. With all those outputs, there is no excuse for not powering your components. Since the power supply has three outputs, you can opt to use them in series or parallel. Furthermore, you can still get power from one output and adjust it to get an equivalent of the two.

Reading the output of Mastech DC power supply is pretty simple even when it’s dark. This is because the device is fitted with 4 color LED displays. Furthermore, the power supply is fitted with a switch at the rear for adjusting input from 110v to 220v and vice versa. The power supply prevents your components from being damaged due to excess voltage and current by delivering constant power throughout. The casing of the device has small holes for removing excess heat. The packed is backed up by a 1 year warranty.

The Pros:

  • Switchable input of 110v/AC
  • 30 volts output
  • 5 amps current output
  • 5 volts fixed output
  • 3 amps fixed output
  • 4 color LED displays
  • Metallic casing
  • 4 variable controls

The Cons:

  • Expensive
  • No carrier bag

With Mastech DC power supply, there is no limit to the components that you can use. The device has three outputs. Two outputs have adjustable output of 30 volts and 5 amps. The other output supplies fixed energy to components. Setting voltage and current output is a walk in the park because the power supply has four knobs. And that’s not all because there is a switch at the back for setting input to 110 volts and 220 volts.

GW Instek DC Power Supply

GW Instek DC power supply produces 40 volts and 5 amps of current. You can therefore use it with both big and small components. Unlike other power supplies that require you to adjust their output when they come on, this particular device is programmable. You can save your settings for future use to save yourself from the hustle of configuring output repeatedly for the components that you use more often.

The power supply has an LCD display that lets you read the variables of current and voltage. The display has a background light and so there is no way you can fail to see the values. Additionally, the device has an in-built handle to make it easy to carry it around. Even without a carrier bag, you can take the power supply wherever you want. The device has a lock that keeps unwanted input at bay. The power supply comes with a cooling fan to prevent the buildup of heat.

The Pros:

  • Cooling fan
  • Keypad lock
  • 40 volts output
  • 5 amps output
  • LCD display
  • Programmable
  • In-built handle

The Cons:

  • No carrier bag
  • Single output

If you’re looking for a high performance device, look no further than GW Instek DC power supply. The device has a single output that has the capacity of producing 40 volts and 5 amps of current. The power supply is programmable which makes it easy to store the output variables for the components that you use the most. The power supply has a fan for keeping temperature inside the casing on the low.

Extech DC Power Supply

Extech DC power supply has one output that gives you 30 volts and 1 amp of current. The power supply comes with two controls for regulating voltage and current that is supplied to the components. That means you can use this power supply on circuit boards that require very little voltage and those that drain a lot of power.

The power supply has two LCD displays that let you see the voltage and current output. Since the displays are independent from each other, there is no way you can read the wrong values. The device delivers constant voltage and current to components to ensure they remain safe from over-current and voltage. The housing of the power supply has some holes for keeping the unit ventilated to avoid accumulation of heat.

The Pros:

  • 30 volts output
  • 1 amp current output
  • Double LCD display
  • Constant voltage and current supply protection
  • 1 year warranty
  • Cheap

The Cons:

  • Single output
  • Low current output
  • No carrier bag

Extech DC power supply is suitable for testing components on the bench and heavy duty devices. You can get an output of zero to 30 volts and 1 amp of current. The input of the power supply remains constant throughout to avoid any instance of over-current and voltage. The power supply is fitted with double LCD screens for checking the values of voltage and current. There are also adjustment knobs for setting current and voltage.

Why Should You Get Hold of a Power supply?

In general terms, a power supply is an electronic device. It supplies a constant DC voltage to what ever load is connected to it. The majority of these power supplys are powered from an AC source such as the power mains. They are available in a wide range of supply voltage and current ratings. These types of power supply are normally used for testing and device development purposes.

Pointers to Help you Choose the Best Power Supply

When selecting a suitable power supply, you first need to determine the type you need. AC-to-DC "switching" power supply or "linear" power supply.

  • Linear power supplies - Take an AC input and steps the voltage down using a transformer. It then rectifies and filters the input voltage to a output DC voltage.
  • Switching power supply - Takes an AC input which it rectifies and filters into a DC voltage. The DC voltage is then converted back into a higher switched AC voltage. Finally, this is then stepped down using a transformer and rectified and filtered into a DC output voltage.

The main difference between the two types, linear and switching, is that they use different components. A linear power supply is normally not so efficient as a switching power supply. As switching power supplies contain more components they tend to be more expensive, however, they are more efficient

You may also wish to consider the difference between a regulated power supply and an unregulated power supply.

  • Unregulated power supply - The switching transistor stays at a constant duty cycle. As a result, there is nothing to control the output. The output fluctuates slightly.
  • Regulated power supply - The output is kept steady at its rated output. It does this by changing the duty cycle to accommodate any change in the load. This gives a more accurate output.

The main differences between these two types are protection and price. Regulated offers better efficiency and protection while unregulated are much cheaper.


These are the best-selling power supplies on Amazon.

Mastech is absolutely the best bargain on this list. The DC power supply has three outputs which makes it very convenient. Two of its outputs produce adjustable current and voltage while the other one is limited to 5 volts and 3 amps. The downside is that it’s expensive than the other devices in the list.

GW Instek is the second best deal. The power supply is actually programmable so you don’t spend a lot of time resetting its output. The device delivers 40 volts and 5 amps of current. It has the highest voltage output which makes it ideal for testing components that need a lot of power to run. The downside is that it’s costly and has only one output.

Extech DC power supply is at the bottom of this ranking. The device produces an output of 30 volts and 1 amp. One amp is too little and so the power supply cannot be used with components that require many amps. On the other hand, it’s still a nice buy because it has two LCD screens for reading the values of output.

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