Best Selling External Battery Pack in 2017 – Top 3 Compared

Best Selling External Battery Pack

Best Selling External Battery Pack

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets drain a lot of power from their internal batteries. This is because they come with advanced features that exhaust all the charge. Without an external battery pack you will always experience communication and entertainment breakdown due to lack of power.

With an external battery pack, you don’t have to rush back home to charge your device. You only need to connect your device to the power bank and the issue of power drainage will be no more. Here are some of the best external battery packs in the market.

Top 3 External Battery Pack Comparison Table

Rank Model Capacity Rating
1 EasyAcc 10000mAh External Battery Pack 10000 mAh 4.5/5.0 Check Price
2 Anker Astro External Battery Charger 10000 mAh 4.4/5.0 Check Price
3 Aibocn External Battery Charger 10000 mAh 4.7/5.0 Check Price

EasyAcc 10000mAh Power Bank

EasyAcc external battery pack comes with a sleek and compact design that makes it easy to take it with you when you’re going for outdoor events. Since the battery pack isn’t bulky, you can put it in a pocket or a bag. Though the battery pack is small, it has the capacity of producing 10,000mAh of current. That’s enough energy to recharge all your devices. The battery pack has advanced ICs that are designed to avoid overcharging your devices. Once a device is fully charged, current and voltage stops flowing into it.

The external battery pack itself is rechargeable and so you can use it for a long time to reserve power for your devices. In fact, you don’t have to recharge it every now and then. When it’s fully charged, you can use it to recharge iPhone 6 up to 3.5 times and Samsung 6 up to 2.5 times. Besides that, the battery pack has a smart output that easily identifies the energy ratings of your device and supplies it with the appropriate energy. Furthermore, you can charge two devices at the same time because the external battery pack is fitted with two USB ports.


  • Stores 10,000 mAh
  • Produces 5 volts and 2.4 amps
  • Dual USB ports
  • Smart output
  • Sleek and compact design
  • USB charging cable
  • 1 year warranty


  • No AC power cable
  • No carrier case
  • No charge status indicator


EasyAcc external battery pack gives you peace of mind when you’re out enjoying fun moments with your friends. The battery pack keeps enough power so that you can recharge your mobile devices while you’re on the go. The battery pack can hold up to 10,000 mAh. You don’t have to worry about the power ratings of your device because the pack has a smart output that makes it safe for all devices. With such a feature, you can be sure that none of your devices will explode due to overheating or overcharging. You can actually recharge two devices at the same time using the two USB ports.

Anker Astro External Battery Charger

There are currently more than 9000 customer reviews for Anker Astro external battery pack on Amazon. The battery pack uses Exclusive PowerIQ Technology to identify the rate at which your device can be recharged faster. It can actually delivers up to 3 amps to your device. At such a speed, you won’t have to wait for long for your device to get recharged.

The external battery pack gets fully charged after 6 hours of recharging. You can recharge it via the USB cable or an AC power cable on a wall socket. The pack can easily be mistaken with a smartphone because it’s very thin. Additionally, the battery pack has four LED meter indicators that lets you know when it’s fully charged. And that’s not all. The battery pack has 2 USB ports specifically for charging two devices. You can charge your tablet using one port and connect your smartphone to the remaining port.

The Pros:

  • Exclusive PowerIQ Technology
  • LED meter
  • 10,000 mAh storage
  • 6 hours recharge time
  • Compact design
  • 18 month warranty
  • 2 USB ports for charging

The Cons:

  • No AC power charger
  • No carrier case


You just have to get your hands on this amazing masterpiece. The external battery pack has the capacity of storing 10,000 mAh so that you can charge your devices from any location. There are two USB ports for charging two mobile devices. You can actually recharge your device as many times as you wish. The battery pack has four LED indicators so that you can tell when your device is being charged and when it’s full.

Aibocn External Battery Charger

The Aibocn external battery charger is your ultimate companion when you need backup power. The battery pack holds up to 10,000 mAh of current to supply it to your devices when you’re far from the national grid.

With Aibocn external battery charger, you don’t have to recharge your devices one at a time. The gadget comes with double USB ports that give an output of 2.1 amps. That’s enough energy to be able to recharge two devices at the same time. The device has safety protection to make sure your mobile devices are free from power surges, over-current and shorts. This is actually more than an external battery pack because it’s fitted with a flash light. Such a light can be very useful when you’re out in the dark.


  • Flash light
  • Double USB ports
  • 10,000 mAh
  • Anti-fingerprint casing
  • Intelligent safety protection
  • 1 year warranty


  • No AC power charger
  • No carrier case


Aibocn external battery charger is very unique. For a start, it has a flash light that you can use during emergency situations. The battery pack keeps 10,000 mAh of current. There are two USB ports for recharging devices. The device remains clean throughout because its housing is resistant to fingerprints. The deal is backed up by a 1 year warranty.

Why Should You Get Hold of an External Battery Pack?

All of our mobile devices can make our lives easier by keeping us connected. But, what happens when they unexpectedly run out of power?

The best option is to get yourself and external battery pack. One that is light weight so that you can take with you anywhere. These packs can recharge your mobile device while you are on the go. Make sure that you remember to charge it before you leave your home or office. That way you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted use of your mobile device.

Pointers to Help you Choose the Best External Battery Pack

External battery packs come in various capacities that range from 2,600 mAh to a massive 23,000 mAh. You should choose a battery pack based on the battery size of your mobile device. It should be able to charge your device in one go.

An external battery pack of 3,000 mAh capacity, should be capable of fully charging your smartphone. However, larger mobile devices will need a charger with more capacity.

Some external battery packs support connecting 2 devices at the same time. If you need to use this functionality you need to take this into consideration when deciding on the capacity of a charger.

Size and weight

The higher capacity external battery packs are usually larger and heavier than the lower capacity models. This is a trade-off between portability and capacity.

Charging time

Once again, the higher capacity battery packs will take longer to recharge but will usually recharge your device quicker.

Extra features

Some external battery packs have additional features like torch or a wireless speaker. Just remember that if you use these features you will have less capacity to recharge your mobile device.


These are definitely the best selling external battery packs on Amazon.

Anker Astro external battery charger is at the top of this list. The device has dual USB ports ftherefore you can recharge 2 mobile devices at the same time. Besides that, the battery pack has an LED meter indicator that shows you the status of the charge. The downside is that it lacks an AC power charger.

EasyAcc external battery pack is the second best deal on this list. The device stores 10,000 mAh that can be used when you’re away from home. It is also fitted with 2 USB ports and so you charge two devices stress free. The downside is that the package lacks an AC power charger.

Aibocn external battery charger is therefore at the bottom of this ranking. It’s the only device with a flash light in the list. The device has a meter for indicating the status of the charge. You can charge two of your favorite devices using the two USB ports. The device stores 10,000 mAh that is supplied to your devices multiple times when they’re out of power.

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