Best Selling Battery Pack in 2017 – Top 3 Compared

Best Selling Battery Pack

Best Selling Battery Pack

Having a battery pack will enable you to power your devices even when you’re away from the national grid. There are two types of battery packs, those that can’t be recharged and those that are rechargeable. Besides that, there are packs that come with many batteries while others have just a few batteries.

Packs that have many batteries are much better because they ensure you don’t get interrupted while in the middle of a task. Below are some of the top rated battery packs on Amazon.

Top 3 Battery Pack Comparison Table

Rank Model Quantity Rechargeable Rating
1 Duracell Procell AAA Alkaline Battery 24 No 4.5/5.0 Check Price
2 AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries 20 No 4.4/5.0 Check Price
3 Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AAA Batteries 10 Yes 4.7/5.0 Check Price

The Top 3 Battery Pack Reviews

Which are the top battery packs available in the market today? Here is a list of some that are successful and among consumer favorites.

Duracell Procell AAA Alkaline Battery

Duracell Procell battery pack comes with 24 pieces of alkaline batteries. The batteries are already charged and so you don’t have to charge them. You simply insert them into any device and you’re good to go. The energy of these batteries can last up to 10 years as long as they have not been used. Other batteries easily run out of energy even when the device has been idle for some months. The batteries are ideal for powering remote controls, medical devices, calculators, cameras, clocks and many other devices.

Once the energy in the batteries has been used up, you can safely dispose them. The batteries don’t contain mercury and so they don’t pollute the environment. Each battery produces 1.5 volts. The batteries are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 54 degrees. Each individual battery is coded with an expiry date.


  • 24 batteries
  • 5 volts
  • 54 degrees heat resistance
  • No mercury
  • 10 years shelf life
  • Date coded batteries
  • cheap


  • Not rechargeable
  • Less voltage


Duracell Procell batteries are very convenient. It’s not a surprise to learn that there are currently more than 1,400 customer reviews for these batteries on Amazon. The pack contains 24 batteries that can last long before being replaced. You only use the pieces that are enough for your device and leave the rest for future use.

And you can be sure they will still remain charged even if you don’t use them for several years. This is because they are made to retain their charge for 10 years. The batteries don’t have any traces of mercury and so you can dispose them stress free because they will not pollute the environment.

AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries

This package comes with 20 pieces of AmazonBasics Performance alkaline batteries. The batteries are of AAA size and so they can be used in a wide variety of devices such as wireless computer devices, clocks, remotes, cameras and so much more. Each battery gives 1.5 volts and so you can combine a few batteries to get the voltage that is enough to run your device.

The batteries are made from zinc and can go without leaking for 10 years in a row. Furthermore, you can use the batteries on any device regardless of whether it’s a low or high drain gadget. The batteries are fitted with strong negative and positive terminals that remain connected to the device throughout. The batteries can withstand temperatures of up to 160 degrees which makes them suitable for all conditions.


  • 5 volts
  • 20 batteries pack
  • 10 years shelf life
  • Strong negative and positive terminals
  • 160 degrees heat resistance
  • AAA size
  • Cheap


  • Not rechargeable
  • Few volts


AmazonBasics Performance alkaline batteries is a top rated brand with 3000 customer reviews. The batteries can never leak even if they are not used for a long time. Your device is therefore safe from corrosion because the batteries can last for 10 years. The pack comes with 20 batteries to make sure you always have a replacement battery at hand when the existing one runs out of power. Since these batteries are AAA size, you can use them on small devices including cameras, calculators, remotes and many other devices.

Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable AAA Batteries

This pack comes with 12 pieces of Panasonic Eneloop batteries. You can start using the batteries right from the moment you remove them out of the box because they are already pre-charged. That saves you from the hustle of having to charge them first. These particular batteries are AAA size which makes them ideal for a wide range of electronic devices. You can therefore use them in your camera, clock, remote, gaming controller and so many other devices.

The batteries are actually eco-friendly because they are pre-charged using solar energy. Each battery can be recharged 2,100 times before replacement. The good thing is that the batteries have a long lifespan of 10 years when they are not being used. Even after all those years, they will still have 70 percent of their initial charge. The batteries produce 800 mAh. Other batteries require you to recharge them after their energy has been fully drained. Panasonic Eneloop batteries can be recharged whether they are full or half empty.


  • 2,100 times rechargeable
  • 10 years lifespan
  • Retain 70 percent energy
  • AAA size
  • 12 batteries
  • Pre-charged
  • Contain solar energy


  • Few batteries
  • No recharging bay


Panasonic Eneloop batteries are very efficient. They can remain charged even when they have not been used for 10 years. The fact that they are rechargeable makes them very economical because you don’t have to budget for another pack every now and then. As a matter of fact, you can recharge the batteries up to 2,100 times and still enjoy the same performance when you put them in your device.

Why Should You Get Hold of a Best Selling Battery Pack?

It goes without saying that battery packs provide power for your portable devices. This allows you to use your device when there is no wall socket available. In some devices, you have no option but to use a battery pack.

Pointers to Help you Choose the Best Battery Pack


Contrary to advice given by some manufacturers, you can use batteries of different brands together. It is more important to match the battery capacities.


If your device is going through a lot of batteries in a short space of time, you should consider using rechargeable batteries. Even with the additional initial costs, you could make real savings in the longer term.


NiMH batteries supply a lower voltage than their alkaline equivalent (1.2V as opposed to 1.5V). For most applications the difference will not matter. However, some devices require a specific voltage. If the voltage is too low then there is a possibility that you will get less run-time or the device won't work at all.


Normally it is only alkaline batteries that may leak.


Rechargeable batteries are a good option for devices that use a lot of power. They have a much greater capacity than NiCd's, which they've replaced.


These are indeed the best-selling battery packs in the market.

It goes without saying that Panasonic Eneloop batteries are at the top of this ranking. The pack has 12 batteries that are pre-charged with solar energy. The most unique feature of this pack is that the batteries are rechargeable and not once or twice but 2,100 times. The batteries can go on for 10 years without leaking. The downside is that the pack only contains 12 batteries.

AmazonBasics Performance batteries is the second best deal on the list. The pack comes with 20 batteries that are ready for use. Each battery produces 1.5 volts which makes the pack suitable for using in small devices such as remotes, gaming controllers, clocks, cameras and many other gadgets. The downside is that the batteries are not rechargeable.

Duracell Procell batteries pack is therefore at the bottom of this ranking. The battery pack comes with 24 pieces. The batteries can remain in good condition even if they’re not used for 10 years. Each of the batteries produces 1.5 volts. The downside is that the batteries cannot be recharged when they get drained completely.

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    As always expected from Duracell, their batteries are always great and long lasting batteries. They offer excellent value for money and are far better than many of their contemporaries.

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