29th January 2016
Best Selling Power Supply

Best Selling Power Supply in 2017 – Top 3 Compared

Header Best Selling Power Supply no-repeat;center top;; auto Best Selling Power Supply Introduction Electric components are designed to use different voltage and current. It’s difficult to power such components without a power supply. Besides that, you have to consider the safety of your components. This is because at times excess voltage and current can pass through a power supply and end up damaging your components. Most power supplies nowadays come with circuit protection systems to ensure excess voltage and current does not reach the components. A standard power supply should come with a display for reading the values of output so that you can increase or decrease the variables as you wish. Here are some of the best-selling power supplies in the market. no-repeat;center top;; […]
29th January 2016
Best Selling USB Battery Pack

Best Selling USB Battery Pack in 2017 – Top 3 Compared

Header Best Selling USB Battery Pack no-repeat;center top;; auto Best Selling USB Battery Pack Introduction A USB battery pack is indeed a life saver. It enables you to recharge your mobile devices even when you’re far from home. With a battery pack by your side, business goes on as usual. You cannot miss important business calls or fail to send an urgent email just because you’re not close to a wall socket. The good thing with USB battery packs is that they are designed to recharge all brands of mobile devices. Additionally, they are fitted with more than one USB port so that you can recharge several devices at one go. Here are the best USB battery packs on Amazon. no-repeat;center top;; auto Comparison table […]
29th January 2016
What is a Power Supply

What is a Power Supply?

A power supply is an electronic device that delivers energy to other components within a system. The power supply acts as the bridge between the power source and the components. That means that the components cannot function unless they get energy from the power supply. But before energy is delivered to electronic components, it must first be processed to convert it into a form that can be used by the components. The power supply gets energy in AC (Alternating Current) form and changes it into DC (Direct Current) form. The power supply must be connected to a reliable source of energy or else it will have nothing to deliver to the components that depend on it. In case a power supply has broken down, it […]
29th January 2016
What Power Supply Do I Need

What Power Supply Do I Need?

A power supply is used for providing regulated voltage to other components. Power supplies come in various shapes and designs. There are different types of power supplies. There are those that are meant to be used with welding machines, electronics such as computers and TVs and heavy equipment. Knowing the types of power supplies will help in determining your choice. Buying the wrong power supply unit is a waste of time and money. Below is an insight on the various types of power supplies. High Voltage Power Supply High voltage power supply is highly recommended for equipment that use a lot of voltage such as x-ray generators and electron microscopes. This is because they produce hundreds of volts that can damage devices that don’t have […]
29th January 2016
Best Selling Adjustable Power Supply

Best Selling Adjustable Power Supply in 2017 – Top 3 Compared

Header Best Selling Adjustable Power Supply no-repeat;center top;; auto Best Selling Adjustable Power Supply Introduction An adjustable power supply produces an output of voltage and amps that can be adjusted to match with the energy needs of your devices. Ordinary power supplies are on the other hand limited to giving output that is not sufficient for components that drain a lot of energy. You should consider the number of output because more terminals mean you will supply energy to many devices. Besides that, since such power supplies involve a high amount of volts and current, the device should come with a system for protecting other components from being damaged by excess voltage or current. Here are a few best-selling adjustable power supplies on Amazon. no-repeat;center […]