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All About Power Supply Geek

Hello, Stuart here. Welcome to Power Supply Geek. This is the place where you can learn all there is to know about Power Supplies.

With today’s always connected and always on the go lifestyle, it is more essential than ever to ensure your electronic devices always have enough power. In fact, portable power supplies are essential in many more aspects of our lives.

Its time to plug in portable power.

How did this site come about?

Well, like you, I was researching power supplies because I was fed up with running out of power. Not just on my smartphone but even one cold winter morning when the car battery died. I stumbled across a few useful sites, but nothing that really looked to me like what I am trying to do here. There were a few vendor-type sites and a few informative articles to whet my appetite.

Since I love to make websites and was thinking more and more about portable power, I thought “why not?” And a few weeks later PowerSupplyGeek.com was born.

How can you use this site?

There are a number of things you can do here:

  • Learn the best portable power supply for your requirements
  • Watch instructional videos
  • Get real efficiency from your power supply by following my tips
  • Read product reviews and find products online

How can you help this site?

I welcome any feedback both positive and negative, so leave me comments and I will take any recommendations or criticisms into consideration. This site is a one-man job, so the more help I get from real users, the better it will become.

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How can you contact me?

You can use this simple contact form.

Hopefully any questions you have about portable power supplies will have been answered already on the site via the FAQ page or within the many articles available. However, should you have any outstanding questions, it is better to add a comment below. I check comments daily, but as you can probably understand, emails take some sifting through and might get lost.